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What kind of baby gates are there?

Here are 4 main types of baby gates.

Pulling expression
The most common type of baby gate is the freezing type. Based on the same principle as a stick, the upper and lower adjustment screws are fixed on a wall or pillar. There is a little power, so if possible, you should install it with help from your dad or family.

Screw type
For places where it is difficult for a child to lean on or a baby gate for stair to loosen and come off, a type that can be secured with screws is suitable.

Just put the expression
Even if there are no walls or pillars on both sides of the place you want to install, you can simply install it. The body is designed to be firmly fixed, so it can be supported without falling down even if a child leans on it.

Roll type
It is a type to take out when you roll the net from one bar and put it on the hook on the receiving side. When not in use, the roll net can be wrapped around the bar and stored, so the room is refreshed without taking up space. However, there may be restrictions on the installation location.

What is the difference between a baby gate and a baby fence?
The big difference between a baby gate and a baby fence is the presence or absence of a door. The baby fence does not have a door, so there is no need to worry about forgetting to close the gate. However, small moms and pregnant women are difficult to straddle, and the mesh fabric is wide, so it may be difficult to clean if baby drooling is attached.
How to choose a baby gate that does not fail

We have summarized the points when choosing a baby gate.

Color and design
It seems that baby gates are often used for a long time, from around the age of 3 to about 3 years old, when they can understand adults. Colors similar to doors, pillars and floors will be familiar so as not to impair the atmosphere of the interior. There are various baby gate materials such as metal, plastic, and wood, so you can choose the design that suits your taste.

Locking method
There are a variety of ways to lock the baby gate, such as those that require multiple steps to unlock, and those that can be opened easily with your feet even if your hands are blocked. The choice of safety or convenience depends on the family situation and the personality of the child, so choose the best one.

Expansion frame
If there is a possibility of moving or the place of use is likely to change as the child grows, you may want to choose a baby gate with an extension frame. Even if the mounting width changes, the length can be supplemented by purchasing an extension frame.

Points to note when purchasing a baby gate
It is natural to measure the width of the installation location, but let's also look at the height of the baby gate. This is because if you are a tall baby, you may get over a baby gate using a little bit as a foothold. Depending on the type of baby gate, there may be places where it cannot be installed, so take a look at the precautions in the product manual.

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