What Is Video Poker and How To Play It – Videopokerset.net Editor Exclusive Info Guide

What is the difference between the video poker and a slot machine? Discover the secrets behind video poker striking popularity. Gain knowledge on the strategy and VideoPokerSet.net pro-style tips on advancing your play!

VideoPokerSet.net introduction to the history and concept of the video poker

Video poker is the second most popular game in a casino, giving up its relevance level only to the slot
machines. Indeed these two games have something in common, like being a single player and both
having an opportunity to customize a bet size.
However, the major difference from slots is that the video poker set is a strategic game that relies on
skills rather than on luck. Moreover, it stands out due to the incredibly high payback percentage rate
which is another reason to expect the non-stop growth of the game’s popularity.

The historical evolution of the video poker set

The prototype of the first gaming machine of this kind was invented in 1970’s. Even though it was
installed in each and every casino of Las Vegas, people did not want to play video poker on the
electronic machine, since they could not see the real spin of the reels!
In the 1980’s the IGT company has patented the video poker machine as we see it today and gave a
head boost to the skyrocketing growth of its popularity. Such a result was achieved through the
● High-degree flexibility of betting options
● Vast availability beyond casinos (bars, airports, bus stops, cafes & strip clubs)
● High payback percentage
● Interface imitating the analog gaming machine
After the diversification of the video poker (emerging of Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, etc.), game’s
relevance started to grow even faster and finally online video poker became available. You can easily
access any version of video poker at VideoPokerSet.net and enjoy it whenever you wish!

What is VP strategy?

In a nutshell, your game objective is to collect the combination which offers you a payout, using the
cards delt on a table and those you have received as your hand. Strategy is a specific guideline on
how to hold or draw the cards from your hand depending on the situation on a table. It is important to
know that every game has its own strategy, which cannot be applied to a different kind of a video
Practically, strategy is a chart (can be accessed in the devoted section at Video Poker Set) which is
used by the beginners as a cheat sheet to align with during the game.

VideoPokerSet.net advices to follow the strategy

We recommend to consider the following tips to boost the learning process and absorb strategies
First of all, select a proper game you want to start learning video poker with. Normally, Jacks or Better
serves this role the best, since it has an ultra-low house edge and very simple rules. Secondly, base
your development upon constant review of your plays, manually or automatically. Last but not least,
practice your game at our free video poker online before you start to cash in.
We provide the best gaming experience through delivering own software and full time support.
Download the gaming client now and make your way to the top!