Rejecting The Video Poker Myths That Stops You From Winning

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Video Poker, Video poker set, videopokerset,, poker presents: Myths you need to bust before playing next time

First things first – how video poker set software works

Every video poker software operates on a basis of the Random Numbers Generator. It never stops
shuffling the virtual deck of cards, even if the player takes no action. This process goes on forever.

After you hit the “Deal” button, generator transmits five cards currently being in the top of a deck to
the screen and continues shuffling until your next action. This approach guarantees fully unexpected
results of the video poker set distributions.

Unauthorized modifications of the generator are forbidden and punished by the gambling law. With
that in mind, we can proceed to the most popular beliefs regarding the video poker conspiracy.

There is no “hot” or “cold” machines

Every player experienced a certain machine or software that did or did not payout sequentially for a
rather long period of time. However you can’t really predict how the software will behave further.
There are more than 2.5 million variations of initial distributions which are selected randomly every
time. So sitting to the next video poker near me probably won’t help that much. Mind that results will
be absolutely different if you push the button a fraction of a second earlier or later.

Your sixth sense has a little value here

It is not the case when intuition will guide you how to win at video poker. Each situation requires a
certain decision which is maximizing the chances to win.

Mathematicians have calculated all possible distributions long time ago and outlined some very
specific algorithms of action for every outcome (all are available at videopokerset, by the way). Your
gut feeling may work out accidentally however won’t bring you any good in the long run.

The strategy remains the same at any number of simultaneous lines

The number of lines you play simultaneously is affecting only the speed of the gameplay. This
parameter, however, does not affect the gaming mathematics anyhow. Therefore, it does not matter if
you bet on one or one hundred lines at the same time. Just stick to the strategy crafted for your game.

Not everybody can make a living with a video poker gaming

Indeed, there are few professionals who earn their living through VP, but those are really a few.
Professional gambling is an exhausting process which takes all the time, causing a lot of negative
emotions and affecting one’s health. Moreover, there is a bunch of technical limitations controlling the
courage to beat the casino:

– it is a challenge to find a casino with the RTP higher than 100%
– there is either high payout or low house edge
– you need a significant bankroll to survive “unlucky” times

For the rest of the world, gambling is recommended rather as an entertainment. Just relax and try
video strip poker, for instance.

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