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August 5, 2018
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September 3, 2018
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Video poker games strategies

Today, online video poker attracts a lot of players. Video poker game offers you to win big prizes. It’s a skillful game with lower house edge offering you great chances to win the game. If you employ right video poker strategies you can win big prizes in fact can get over 100%. So, to increase your winning chances, what is essential is to know and get well along with some of the good strategies for video poker machines.

How to win video poker:

  1. When it comes to video poker, it is important for players to understand the pay tables before they begin playing the game. This is one of the general video poker strategies online. It will always be wise to play with the full play games like free video poker Jacks or Better.
  2. One of the important strategies for video poker is to hold hands like straight flush, three of a kind, two pair, royal flush, four of a kind and full horse. In fact, players should always hold these hands when playing online video poker.
  3. When playing video poker, players need to discard the two cards remaining in three of a kind. Moreover, they should always discard the remaining one card in four of a kind hoping for full horse. In addition to this, they should discard the fifth card in two pairs. Employ this one of the important video poker strategies when playing the game
  4. When playing the game, you should take into consideration breaking up flush or straight only if you have four cards to royal flush. Follow this one of the online video poker strategies if you like to increase your winning chances.
  5. It will be wise to consider keeping a low pair rather than keeping a single high card.
  6. In video poker, if you get four cards to a royal flush or four cards to a lower straight flush then always consider breaking up of jacks or better. Make sure you follow these video poker strategies when playing the game. Moreover, the right way to discard the cards will always increase your winning chances.

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