How To Avoid The Most Obvious Video Poker Mistakes and Start Winning Faster | ranking of the most common mistakes committed by the beginners

Even though video poker set is known for the lowest house edges in gambling, it appears to be one of
the most complicated in the game if you are pursuing to achieve the highest payback percentage
possible. To obtain the maximum return you should be able to select the most profitable version of the
game and master the strategy developed for that specific game. Some video poker games allow you
not only to neutralize the house edge but even to dominate it, however the efforts will be rewarded
only in case of constant and coherent work.

This article lists the most commonly committed rookie mistakes and will be a useful read for those readers, who have just started their path in video poker. Follow the list and make sure
to apply these recommendations during your next play.

Selecting the improper video poker set variation

Online-casinos may offer a couple dozens of free video poker games at the same time. It appears to
be quite puzzling for the beginner to make a rational choice from such a wide range of games. Many
select upon striking graphics, great amount of Jacks or the availability of cumulative jackpots.

However, you should learn how to analyze the pay table first, in order to be effective.This is the part
where you can unveil the real differences between the games. Here you can compare the payouts for
the same combinations, therefore making beneficial choices. It is always useful to compare the
payback percentage of every option: the higher the rate the more preferable is the game. We provide
the opportunity to track the latest available payback rates at VideoPokerSet. Hit the section of articles
about free video poker for some further reading, additional content and valuable info!

Ignoring the study of a basic strategy

The final result always relies upon the skills of a player rather than his luck. Therefore, forget about
your intuition, check for the strategy recommendations, practice through the free online video poker
and learn how to win the casino. There is no other way to achieve that. Consider creating a handy
cheat sheet on strategy which you can always align with during the game.

Applying the same strategy to every game

Remember that every strategy is designed for the purpose of a specific video poker game, even
though the core terms of the most games may appear similar. Don’t expect for any good results while
using Deuces strategy if you are playing Jacks or Better. As simple as that.

Start embedding these rules into your game at

As soon as you have selected the game and have the strategy for it, make sure to practice video
poker free of cost at our casino to have your new skills adopted:

– analyze the paytable
– select the game with the best payout/payback percentage ratio
– create a strategy chart specific to the game
– practice online for free

We offer a wide variety of games and the best gaming experience. Enjoy the functionality of our
software, security of payouts and the majesty of the win.

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